Book Review: Trans Liberty Riot Brigade

I got an ARC of Trans Liberty Riot Brigade by L.M. Pierce for free in exchange for an honest review. Here is what I thought about it:

The title and cover of “Trans Liberty Riot Brigade” told me the book was going to be something special. The teaser on the back was further evidence supporting that theory. The novel did not disappoint. Once I started reading, I had to finish in one sitting.

At first, the slang made it hard for to engage with the character. I had to stop and figure out what some of the words meant. They were familiar enough, that between context, and remembering how my friends from high school used to talk, I could figure them out, especially after I let my mind wander into the metaphorical gutter. They were foreign enough to feel like they were part of a true future, but familiar enough to decipher. Once I got through the first few chapters and learned their rhythm, I flew through the book.

The truth that potential future portrayed in Trans Liberty Riot Brigade  holds too much truth; it was the most terrifying part of the book. The dark, gritty, dystopian landscape seems all to possible in today’s political climate. There was just enough truth to make it seem plausible…and give me nightmares about where the the current president could steer our country.

The world building was good – but the main character was amazing. I always find myself complaining that character in some of my favorite books are too binary, but this one featured two who truly transcended the binary idea gender.

I can forgive the occasional moments of preachy-ness, characters occasionally recovering too fast from injuries, and the work I had to do to learn the language of the book. The plot kept me on the edge of my seat. I could really engage with the characters, and I believed the world.

If I had to compare it other books, I say it’s a mix of Christina Henry’s Alice, Veronica Roth’s Divergent, and George Orwell’s 1984.

Read it!