About Sara

My awkward face

I’ve been writing fiction since I could hold a pen in my hand. My earliest works were unintelligible scribbles from before I learned the alphabet. The first story I remember writing in language people could actually read was in a first grade homework journal.

I was supposed to write about real things:what i had for breakfast, when I did homework or what I did for play.  The teacher was not happy to read about a boy who put on a cape, jumped off of a garage, and flew. I wish I still had that, but my mom only saved  select batch of artifacts from my childhood. That notebook wasn’t one of them,

From first grade until the fall semester of 2014, writing and I had an inconsistent relationship. We would meet every day for a few months, that would decline to a few days a week, and then we go months without interacting at all. Graduate School and 20+ page essay assignments were often were responsible for my lack of productivity in the fiction department.

Now, I teach writing at Northern Essex Community College and I write every day, even if it means not getting much sleep or ignoring my spouse. My first novel, Power Surge, will be published by NineStar Press on October 1st, 2018. I’ve completed four other novels, and am in various stages of the revision and query process with each.

My favorite genres to read and write include Urban Fantasy, Magical Realism and Young Adult. My furry housemates are indifferent to the genre and “help” whenever feel like it, whether it is sitting on my lap, chewing pages, knocking pens on the floor or walking across my keyboard.

Goose, The Meowditor-In-Cheif

Cats can be vicious killers, and Goose’s speciality is killing my darlings. One time,walked onto my laptop’s keyboard, nudged me and deleted about a page of text. I liked the chapter much better with that page gone. Since then, he has been known as The Meowditor-In-Chief.

His intern, Tavi, can occasionally be coaxed into fetching things, but most of the time, Tavi’s main job is to force me to take breaks from the screen and get outside. There is no ignoring Tavi when he wants to go out. He’s pure mutt, and his bark range includes small yappy terrier, Chewbaca, Golden Retriever, BB8, Husky, and Groot.

I’m not a fan of gendered pro-nouns or gender stereotypes. I’m not a fan of labels, but if your looking for one to stick on me, things like non-binary or gender fluid since I don’t identify as one binary gender or the other.  Most of my family and friends still refer to me as she/her, but I prefer they/them, especially when I see things written about me in third person.

Check out my short fiction for sale on amazon.  Find me on Twitter @shatteredsmooth for bite size thoughts on publishing, writing, cats, dogs, mental health and teaching.

The Editorial Intern: Tavi


© 2018 Sara Codair




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