Cats and Email Apps = Bad Combination

“Look at how cute and innocent I am. I’d never send emails on you!”

I’m pretty sure my cat just spammed my entire gmail contacts list — meaning everyone I’ve corresponded with on gmail. If you got an email from me you didn’t want today – I apologize. If your curious how Goose managed to spam my contacts, read on.


Earlier in the year, I wrote a detailed book proposal for Earth Reclaimed, which is one of my novels-in-progress. I used it to apply for a writer-residence-program at the Boston Public Library. I didn’t get in.

When I saw Publishizer was hosting a proposal contest, I realized the one I had written more or less met their guidelines. After doing a few google searches and not finding any red flags, I made some revisions, and created a proposal on their site.

Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 10.46.29 AM.pngPublishizer is kind of like Kickstarter, but for books. People can use to get pre-orders for works they are self-publishing, however, if an author gets  enough pre-orders, they can also get deals with traditional and indie publishers.

I’m still querying my complete, polished novels to agents. This novel is completely unrelated to those. I thought that while I am trying to make something happen with those projects, I can take a completely different path with this one.

Today, I was getting the campaign ready to launch. One step involved emailing my contacts to see if they want to subscribe for updates. I allowed the app to connect to my contacts list. By default, it had all the contacts checked off. I was carefully going through, unselecting agents and literary magazines who I did not want to bother.

Mischief Managed

I had only deselected a few people when Goose jumped up on my keyboard and walked across the enter key.

Agents and editors do not like getting mass emails from writers who are trying to promote their books. In fact, many of them tweet about how much they hate it. When I see those tweets, I would think, what kind of idiot would spam agents with their self-published book promotions.

Today, I am one of those idiots.

Not because I intentionally spammed people, but because I let an app connect to my contacts with the intent of sending a group email.

I’ve been pacing around my house in a panic, thinking this is going to lead to rejections. I need to stop. Hopefully, agent’s and editor’s spam filters will catch this so they do not get mad at me. And maybe, some half-forgotten acquaintances I’ve lost touch with will pre-order my book.

Later this weekend, when I officially launch, I will post updates on my blog.

Update: Once I calmed down and asked people if they got my email, no one had actually gotten the email. I logged back onto the site I sent the email from and discovered that Goose had sent a “preview” and it only went to my email account. I am very, very, relieved!

And Goose needs new mischief to cause….

©2017 Sara Codair


Black Cat Appreciation Day

I woke up in the mood to write, but I had to go back to the dentist. When I got back, I had lost my motivation. So I decided writing could wait until later, and for now, I would break out the camera and take the time to get some good photos of Goose in honor of black cat appreciation day. Enjoy the cuteness!

Goose, the cutest black fluff-ball ever!
“Well, its black cat appreciation day, so you can’t yell at me for taking my food out of my bowl and dropping it on the floor, not my mat, before I eat. “
“Now I’m eating like a good boy!”
“Look at how fluffy my tail is! That squirrel looks yummy! Can I play with him?”
“Now I’m going to edit your story for you.”

Tummy Tuesday

One of the cutest blogs I read, Katzenworld, does a weekly post called Tummy Rub Tuesday  where they showcase photos submitted by their readers. These photos generally feature cats being cute and exposing their furry tummies. The photos are generally followed by comments proclaiming the cuteness of said cats (I am often one of these commentators).

The images of fluffy cuteness just make me want to go find my own kitty (Goose) and rub his tummy. Unfortunately, Goose rarely tolerates more than one stroke across is tummy. I often think he lays on his back, tummy exposed, just so I will attempt to rub it and get bit. Its like some kind of human trap.

“I want to bite the human. I’ll look cute. Here comes the human. She’s rubbing my tummy. Chomp! Yum, human flesh!”

Okay, maybe he’s not that sinister…

He is super cute though, especially when him and the puppy are snuggling. Thankfully, the puppy really likes getting his tummy rubbed, so when I’m baby sitting him, I don’t fall for Goose’s traps all that often. Although, the puppy does like to try and lick Goose’s stomach, which usually results in his nose getting kicked.

Anyways, I’ll stop ranting now and get to the main purpose of this post: cute pictures!

In the two photos on the kitchen floor, the dark spot on the brown rug is Goose, mirroring Link’s tummy up pose. Goose, being a black cat, is very good at not showing up well on camera.

And if you want to see more cute tummies, check out Katzenworld’s Tummy Rub Tuesday:

It’s time for me to get back to revising that novel…