Sara Codair has been writing fiction since first grade. The earliest work was in a school journal. It was supposed to be about real things, so the teacher was not very happy to read about a boy who put on a cape, jumped off of a garage, and flew. Sara really wishes that journal didn’t get thrown out

Until the fall semester of 2014, Sara and writing had an inconsistent relationship. They would meet every day for a few months, then a few days a week, then go months without interacting at all. Graduate School and 20+ page essay assignments were often were responsible for the lack of productivity in the fiction department.

Now, Sara teaches writing at community colleges in the greater Boston area and writes every day, whether there is time time or not. Sara’s favorite genres to read and write include Urban Fantasy, Magical Realism and Young Adult.

Sara was the 2nd place winner in the Women on Writing Winter 2016 Flash Fiction Contest. Additionally, many of Sara’s short stories h and works of flash fiction have been published online at places like Dark Magic: Witches, Hackers and Robots, Secrets of the Goat People,  The Centropic Oracle, 101 Words and Mash Stories. For a complete list of published works, view the “publications” page.

Sara does not like pro-nouns, gender stereotypes or labels. They do not help with the anxiety and awkwardness of her mind.

Find Sara on Twitter @shatteredsmooth for bite size thoughts on publishing, writing, cats, politics and teaching.


© 2017 Sara Codair




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