Out of Focus/ Power Surge

20161019_172110Out of Focus was the working title for draft 8, and the one I used in my first round of queiries. I sent one query out with the titled A Raging Current,  then decided Power Surge was slightly more appropriate. It is the title I plan to use on my next volley of queries.

While this project can stand one its own, I hope it is the first of three YA Urban Fantasy novels following Erin Evanstar on her journey into the world of the demon-hunting Seven Stars.

Here is a brief description:

Half-Elven twins with superpowers, a kick-ass nun and hordes of bloodthirsty demons were just a few of magical creatures that populated the stories Erin Evanstar’s Grandpa loved to tell. She believed the stories were real until she stopped believing in things like Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny.

When Erin stops taking her ADHD meds at the end of her senior year, she starts seeing creatures from Grandpa’s stories come to life. At first, she thinks the hallucinations and strange dreams are withdrawal symptoms Adderall, but José, her best friend and long-time crush, sees them too.

As Erin find herself drawn deeper into the disturbing world of the demon hunting, she is forced to face her own inner demons: she hasn’t fully overcome her cutting addiction and has very little control over her fierce temper. Can she defeat the demon that is stalking her, salvage her relationship with José and manage to not get expelled from high school?

Like Birds Under the City Sky

This was my National Novel Writing Month project. The first draft is resting. I plan to begin revising it in Feb. 2016 , send it to beta readers and revise again.

Here is a brief description:

like-birds-under-the-city-sky-coverWhen Micah’s mother finds out he is gay, she tries to force him into conversion therapy. His boyfriend, Charlie, gets a job so they can leave their parents, their town and it’s prejudices behind as soon as Mica turns 18. Unfortunately, Charlie’s job isn’t what he thought. Instead of living in their own apartment and moving on with their lives, the two boys find themselves living in an abandoned subway tunnel scavenging in dumpsters to survive.

Community Magic

This is my current work-in-progress. I won’t say much about it until I have a complete draft and a better sense of the story.

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