Power Surge

Young Adult Urban Fantasy

Coming on Oct. 1, 2018 from NineStar Press


Cover By Natasha Snow

Erin is a cutter. Most days, therapy, meds, and the threat of hospitalization curb the urge to slice their skin with sharp objects, but when they get stressed, they can’t stop their fingernails from piercing their flesh.

Having to finish senior year without Adderall is stressful. Their best friend, José, flirting like he wants to be more than friends makes their skin buzz. A stalker adds anxiety to the mix. They’re on the verge of a breakdown when the stalker, clearly not human, corners them in a hallway, pins them with hands literally as cold and white as snow, and licks their cheek with his forked tongue. They think he’s a hallucination, but later, he attacks their friends on the beach. After helping Erin fight him off, José promises it’s real demon.

Demons are just the tip of the paranormal iceberg: José is a hunter-in-training, and Erin’s Grandpa is his mentor. Erin was supposed be a hunter too, but Grandpa feared their ADHD and mental illness would get them killed. Now, the hunters have become the hunted and Grandpa needs all the help he can get – including Erin’s. Some people would be terrified, but adrenaline calms the buzzing that makes Erin crave sharp objects.

Erin has a chance to prove that their disorders don’t inhibit their ability to hunt, but more than their pride is at stake. If they don’t kill their demon stalker before it captures them, he’ll trigger an Armageddon that will turn the entire human population into demon food.

Power Surge Aesthetic

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