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Power Surge

YA/NA Urban Fantasy

Published Oct. 1, 2018 by NineStar Press

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Cover By Natasha Snow
Power Surge (Evanstar Chronicles)

Erin has just realized that for the entirety of their life, their family has lied to them. Their Sight has been masked for years, so Erin thought the Pixies and Mermaids were hallucinations. Not only are the supernatural creatures they see daily real, but their grandmother is an Elf, meaning Erin isn’t fully human. On top of that, the dreams Erin thought were nightmares are actually prophecies.

While dealing with the anger they have over all of the lies, they are getting used to their new boyfriend, their boyfriend’s bullying ex, and the fact that they come from a family of Demon Hunters. As Erin struggles through everything weighing on them, they uncover a Demon plot to take over the world.

Erin just wants some time to work through it all on their own terms, but that’s going to have to wait until after they help save the world.

If you want information of Power Surge’s Trigger Warnings, check out this post.

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Evanstar Chronicles 2

(cover art, title, and blurb coming soon)

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Life Minus Me

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Earth Reclaimed

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Reclaimed Monochromatic2

When non-binary seventeen-year-old Seren becomes an ambassador, they’re forced to face their greatest fear: magic. By drawing power from rivers and lakes, Seren is left vulnerable to being controlled by the Mother Earth. Seren is desperate to avoid using magic, but a faction of fascist will do anything to start a war between mages and scientist, including killing Seren, the one mage who sees the value of science.

Outnumbered and outgunned, Seren must use magic to live long enough to reach the negotiations. As they struggle to survive assassination attempts, the sentient planet gets in Seren’s head and uses Seren to give humanity a warning: maintain peace or face extinction.

Shutting out Mother Earth could be the end of all humans. Letting Her in would mean becoming Mother Earth’s puppet, killing anyone opposed to Her. Seren must negotiate peace between mages and scientists, before Mother Earth drowns them all.