Cover Art

Writing has always been my favorite art, but photography is a close second. I have hard drives full of photos I always intended to print, display or sell.

Recently, a friend who beta-reads for indie authors and models for cover artists told me that if I ever self-published, I’d have plenty of material for covers. She was right, but I have my heart set on traditional publishing.

However, I know many people opt to forge their own path in the industry and need affordable covers.

I’ve posted a few samples here. I’m willing to trade photography based covers for editing (I’m notorious for not seeing missing words). Send me a message on Twitter (@shatteredsmoooth) or Facebook ( if you are interested in using one of these covers images (obviously with your title and name), or are interested in working with me to make a photography-based cover.



If editing isn’t your thing, general feedback works too.

I’ll also accept monetary payment.

© Sara Codair 2017