Cover Art

Writing has always been my favorite art, but photography is a close second. I have hard drives full of photos I always intended to print, display or sell.

Recently, a friend who beta-reads for indie authors and models for cover artists told me that if I ever self-published, I’d have plenty of material for covers. She was right, but I have my heart set on traditional publishing.

However, that doesn’t mean I can’t do freelance cover work. Below are some samples — if you are interested in any of them but have questions, or want to make a custom cover, DM me on twitter (@shatteredsmooth or on

If you want to purchase one of the covers shown below and have it customized for your book, you can purchase one for $50 through paypal. Include a note saying which cover you want and the best email to reach you at. I will remove the cover from the website and get in touch with you about the details. The $50 includes changing the title, name, and minor changes to the font and it’s placement. Additional customizations are available for a higher fee, determined on a case by case basis.





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