Why Earth Reclaimed?

Earth Reclaimed.I’ve written a few posts about why I choose Publishizer as a platform to launch Earth Reclaimed, but I’ve written very little about why I am writing Earth Reclaimed.

So why am I writing Earth Reclaimed?

I love nature, especially the ocean, lakes, rivers, and estuaries. I’ve always had a sense that the earth is more than just a big ball of rock floating in space, but sleeping organism.

Nearly all my writing is speculative, answering some kind of “what if?” question. In this case, it was “What if Earth woke up and wasn’t happy with what human’s had done? What is she reclaimed herself and the being She shelters? What would the lake I live on look like if this happened? What would become of New England? What would become of the whole planet?”

Speculating about those questions gave me a world. I populated it with non-binary characters who like myself, do not conform to binary gender identities and with people who would have a problem non-binary folks. My main characters have a connection to the Earth and respect her, but other characters are bitter and angry. They want revenge against Earth for killing so many people in her attempt to take control.

I have questions to explore, characters I can relate to, and conflict – three ingredients I need to make a novel. This one is closer to my heart than some of my other projects because the world was inspired by some of my favorite places. It even features the Boston Whaler that has been in my family for three generations. It’s a story that screams “Sara!”

So far, I am loving the freedom that the secondary world gives to invent new towns and make my own maps instead of being limited by existing geography.

Even though I’ve planned out specific plot points, I’ve had plenty of discoveries as I wrote. There are giant jellyfish that visit harbor’s just before dawn, salt marshes that are sentient and can manifest their spirit in almost human form, some forests won’t allow humans to pass on foot, and the bay really cares about the people who fish in his shores.

The plot is building, I’m getting to know the characters, and having a blast with the description.

The draft is coming along quickly, and should be done in two weeks when my Publishizer Campaign closes.

I wish I could say my campaign was going as well as the novel. I’ve only gotten five pre-orders, and have less than two weeks left. My goal is 500, but not meeting that goal won’t stop me from publishing this book.

The more pre-orders I get, the more likely I am to attract a good publisher. If I don’t get an offer from a publisher I like, I will self-publish, and use the funds I raised to hire a professional editor and designer to make it look good and pay for advertising so the project can reach as many readers as possible.

My ultimate goal as a writer is to succeed through traditional publishing, but that doesn’t mean I can’t travel other paths in the process. Self-publishing will give me a lot more creative control with this project, and frankly, that is not bad thing.

Either way, I need more pre-orders to make it happen!



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