6 Reasons I’m Launching a Publishizer Campaign.

Cat email disaster averted, I thought I’d share some thoughts on why I was even doing with Publishizer and my email contacts.

As you may know from some of my other posts, I am trying the traditional method of querying agents, and occasionally querying small presses that requests material during contests (if they seem credible). I’ve gotten a lot of rejections, and some requests for more material. So why, now, I am launching a crowdfunding campaign on Publishizer?

  1. The project / genre — Earth Reclaimed is post apocalyptic YA Fantasy. It’s also very political. While it does have a fresh, optimistic spin on the genre, it is one many agents say they are sick of seeing. My existing projects, and my other WIP’s are much better suited to querying agents and seeking traditional publishing than  this one is. I don’t let market demands shape what I write, but they do shape how I try to sell my work when it is done.
  2. Traditional publishing is slow (like every cliche saying about snails, tortoises, molasses) but it is worth the wait. However, I am an impatient human who hates waiting, so I need something to occupy my mind while I trudge on through the waiting and rejections that come on the traditional path I am taking. While I am trying to get works 1-3 published traditionally, I am trying something else for book #4.
  3. Debut fiction writers get the bum end of the deal. My non-fiction writer friends tell me they create proposals and sample chapters that they use to query. They don’t write the book until they have deal. The advance is used to finish the  book. Established fiction writers can also propose books before they finish them. However, debut fiction writers can’t even get an agent without a polished, almost publication ready manuscript. I am okay with this. I’ll keep writing fiction whether I ever get published or not. Novels 1-3 have been revised and edited more times than I can count. Novels 5, 6, and 7 probably will too. But with Novel 4, I want to get support for it before I finish. For once in my life, I want to write something knowing people are going to read it, or at least add it to the TBR pile.
  4. I could still land a deal with a traditional publisher. During the campaign, publishers can express interest. At t he end, Publishizer will query my proposal to publishers it works with. A good portion of these are traditional and independent publishers. Yes, there are hybrid and vanity (AKA service) publishers on the sight, but if one of those offers me a contract, I can just say no. I don’t have to sign with a publisher I don’t trust, and frankly, I’d rather self-publish than pay a vanity press to publish for me.
  5. I’m better at online marketing than I give myself credit for. I did run an etsy bussiness while I was in college and graduate school. It wasn’t an income I could live off full time, but most months, I made more money from selling seaglass jewelry than I did working at JCPenny.  At the time I was selling on Etsy, Jewelry was the most competitive category. So if was able to successfully sell jewelry on etsy, then I can sell books. Right?
  6. Speaking of Sea Glass Jewelry, three of the bonus options for preordering my book come with sea glass jewelry. I still have already made pieces, bags of sea glass, and sealed containers full of supplies I never used. Sometimes, I really miss making jewelry. I only stopped because I was doing too much, and something needed to go. I couldn’t work a full-time day job, write, and run my Etsy shop, so eventually, I stopped making and selling jewelry. I needed the money from the day job, and I needed to write.

In many ways, publisher does seem like they are a better fit for non-fiction than novels. However, the series of contests they are running tells me they are trying to branch out into fiction. The prize money is tempting. And they do seem like a good fit for Earth, Reclaimed. If you want to support and/or just follow me on this journey, join my Facebook event for the launch party and follow my project after it is launched. I’ll add a link and a new post when it is live. My campaign is live! Pre-order here: https://publishizer.com/earth-reclaimed/

In the mean time, here is a brief pitch for Earth, Reclaimed:

17-year-old Serena McIntyre grew up in a future where Mother Earth had purged most technology from the planet and crippled civilization. The surviving humans are reorganizing. Some want to live a simple life in harmony with Earth while others have darker plans for the new civilization.

When a conference is called to choose leaders and laws for the Newly Unified New England States (NUNES), Serena must travel inland to represent her people and their way of life: equality, earth magic, and harmony with Mother Earth. The opposing factions will do anything to stop her. The White Supremacists want to purge the region of impurities and make themselves kings. A secretive faction of scientists want to “take back the earth” with new technology.

Can Serena convince the people of NUNES to live in harmony with Mother Earth? If she fails, Earth will purge humans from her surface, and this time, she won’t leave any survivors.

© Sara Codair 2017


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