Lemony Pasta and Vegetables

Since a local restaurant removed one of my favorite dishes from their menu, I’ve been on a mission to find a good recipe for lemon butter white wine sauce. I haven’t come up with something quite as delicious as the dish from Rhythm, but I did make something pretty yummy for lunch today. Ingredients: 4Continue reading “Lemony Pasta and Vegetables”

Rejections, Publications and Purrs Abound

Since the semester has ended, I’ve upped the already high amount of submissions I’ve been sending out every week. As a result, I have been getting a more steady stream of rejections. Fortunately, they have been accompanied by several successes, the biggest being my 2nd place win over at WOW. Smaller victories include having a piece ofContinue reading “Rejections, Publications and Purrs Abound”

Flash Fiction: Hope

Hope By Sara Codair “Don’t feel bad. I’m pretty hard to kill,” said GiYu. His purple appendages were already reattached and his torso was knitting itself back together. The human female nodded and sucked air in through her nose. The slurping sound worried GiYu that the mucus her crying had evoked was making it hardContinue reading “Flash Fiction: Hope”