Flying Mouse-Squirrel-Bird Thing

When I decide to write a flash story after spending the day grading papers, I end up writing stories inspired by cat toys. “Flying mouse-squirrel-bird Thing” is one of those. My cat has this crinkly, furry toy that is flattened like a flying squirrel but with the face and coloring of a mouse.  It has strings danglingContinue reading “Flying Mouse-Squirrel-Bird Thing”

Deceit in the Dark

Deceit in the Dark By Sara Codair The vampiress hissed. “Mortal fool! Challenging me will be your doom!” The knight arched one eyebrow. “Perhaps it will be your doom.” She screeched, hoping to intimidate him. Her most terrifying, earsplitting howl failed to impress the knight. His eyes and skin were like ice and snow. HisContinue reading “Deceit in the Dark”

Faith in Eternal Stars – by SARA CODAIR

Star Wars has survived the apocalypse. So has its rival, Star Trek. Find out how in this survivor’s tale that was just published by Sick Lit Magazine.   Faith in Eternal Stars   We said, “Save the world or die trying.” Most of us did the latter. Things like extinction or total annihilation were neverContinue reading “Faith in Eternal Stars – by SARA CODAIR”

Short Stories Reviewed

I’ve seen plenty of blogs and websites that review longer works and movies, but I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled across a website called “The Short Tale Review.” At first, I thought they were a literary magazine specializing in flash fiction, but I quickly realized they published short reviews of short stories. They featured classics,Continue reading “Short Stories Reviewed”

Published by Foliate Oak

Today I had a piece of flash fiction published by Foliate Oak Magazine: “You open the closet on Monday morning, trying to decide what to wear. His side: everything is ironed, organized by color and meticulously hung. Your side: wrinkled shirts cling to hangers and sleeves dangle dangerously close to the floor.” Read more here.

Finals Week and Chicken Soup

As the semester comes to an end, it can be hard to remember to eat at all, let alone eat healthy. This was true for me when I was a student, and still is true now that I am a teacher. Since women cannot survive on chocolate alone (though we often want to), I believeContinue reading “Finals Week and Chicken Soup”